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Looking for a weight loss or strength & conditioning coach?

Living a busy lifestyle with work and family pressures can lead to a build-up of stress and the feeling of having no time to exercise and look after yourself.  Our Fit441 personal trainers can be your ultimate time manager, providing effective personalised training sessions that can get you your desired results FAST!

You may be looking for a weight loss coach to provide direction and motivation in reaching your target weight range.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution here – if it was that easy, everyone would be in shape. Factors such as age, health and mobility differ greatly between clients. Your weight loss coach will guide you through a personalised program and provide diet recommendations to suit your health, lifestyle and goals.

You may be looking for a strength and conditioning coach that can teach you new exercises, correct your form and create a program that focuses on helping you reach your strength and conditioning goals.

For many of our clients, strength and conditioning is not about gaining sheer size and muscle. Often our goals are focussed towards injury recovery and prevention, and gaining real-world functional strength.

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