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Session Overview

Small Group PT – A new form of group fitness class

small group fitness classVarious classes to suit your tastes & goals

small group ptBecome motivated in a fun and friendly environment

small group fitness classes st kilda roadReceive personalised attention in small classes

small group fitness class melbourneMorning, noon & night - jump in when it suits you


Fit441 Small Group PT is all about taking the elements that people love about group fitness classes such as:

  • Motivating atmosphere
  • Variety of different classes
  • Learn new things
  • Push each other to reach your goals


And removing the elements that people didn’t enjoy:

  • Too many people (limit of 10 per session)
  • No individual attention from the trainer
  • Becoming a number, not a name


Small Group PT classes are run in small groups, 10 members per session, so you won’t be bumping elbows with the person next to you! You will receive special attention from the trainer, who will ensure you are exercising with safe and correct form, suggest improvements, keep you motivated and answer any questions you may have.

Many clients find that they thrive in the small group personal training atmosphere, as the increased interaction with the trainer allows them to learn faster and receive personalised advice to match their experience, mobility and physical abilities.

In the past, group fitness classes have had more of a cardio or yoga focus, however we are of the belief that fitness comprises of a variety of different faculties, with small group PT classes also offering strength training and high-intensity interval training.

View our range of small group personal training classes and try one today!


HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

Combines facets of functional training including Kettlebells, TRX, Medicine Balls, Cardio and Dumb Bells.  Suitable for all ages and fitness levels; this session will burn body fat, increase strength and improve fitness

small group pt

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HIIT Advanced Strength

This strength based HIIT session builds upon key exercises using barbell squats and barbell dead lifts.  Experience of using these lifts is key to maximising results in this session as our coach leads you through a session with a pure strength focus.  If you haven’t trained with a barbell before, try our ‘Barbell Technique’ session to get you started.

small group fitness classes melbourne

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Our Yoga sessions welcome everyone regardless of fitness level or yoga experience.  Your coach will assist you in developing postures to increase flexibility, build strength and improve mobility.

small group pt

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Pilates will teach you the art of improving your core strength and assist with maintaining an injury free body.  It delivers a series of controlled movements to engage your body, breath and mind.

small group fitness class

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A dynamic boxing session designed to make you sweat, strip body fat and improve all over muscle tone and endurance.

small group fitness

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Our fitness coaches will teach you all there is to know about TRX suspension training.  The session combines strength and cardio to give you a total body workout.

small group fitness

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Choose your kettlebell weight and be prepared to be pushed through a series of functional kettle bell strength exercises designed to make you build and define lean muscle and strengthen your core.

small group fitness

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Whether you are starting out or want to brush up on your technique, this session provides you with the basics putting the focus onto posture awareness and correct movement patterns.

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Barbell Technique

Whether you are starting out or want to brush up on your technique, this session will show you how to deadlift and squat correctly and safely.  Our strength coach will guide you through the technique focusing on your mobility, posture, breathing and weight intensity.

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