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Pilates Classes Melbourne

pilates classes melbourneImprove flexibility, posture & core strength

pilates classEnjoy the relaxation & circulation benefits

pilates melbourneSmall classes run by experienced instructors


Pilates classes comprises of a vast number of exercises and postures which draw inspiration from yoga, calisthenics and ballet. Each exercise will lengthen and stretch the main muscle groups in your body and requires concentration to find a central point which will help to control the movement. Unlike a weight lifting session, pilates classes will not push your muscles to exhaustion. Your heart rate may increase, however not to an aerobic level. Pilates is gentle and safe, yet challenging. The emphasis is on performing each exercise slowly and with proper breathing and abdominal control.

Pilates has many benefits such as:

  • Correct your posture – especially important for 9-5 office workers
  • Aid flexibility
  • Improve muscle tone and strength throughout your core
  • Ensure muscular strength is balanced
  • Teach muscle control
  • Rehabilitation from injuries related to muscle imbalances, joint and spinal injuries
  • Improve circulation and lung capacity
  • Relaxation


As you can see, Pilates provides many benefits, with many who take up the classes for the first time surprised at the benefits which are gained from such a low-intensity form of exercise. Many members join our pilates classes several times a week while others take classes when they feel they need to recover or relax after lifting weights.

Fit441 on St Kilda Road, Melbourne, allows you to visit frequent pilates classes, as well as try a wide range of other small group classes such as yoga, ride, barbell, HIIT, TRX and more.  Contact us to find out more!